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Save 40% on your energy bill with intelligent EV charging

Fleets and charge point operators use Gridicity’s AI solutions to optimise electric vehicle charging schedules.

We optimise EV charging across all dimensions

By taking advantage of variable tariffs, dynamic load management and providing grid capacity services, our customers save as much as 40% of their total energy spend.

We take advantage of variable tariffs

Energy costs vary depending on the time of day, week and season, and factors like the availability of onsite storage.

Our AI monitors the supply, demand and prices in real time, and decides when to charge and when to pause, while making sure EVs are charged to the required level at the required time.

We look after your entire site with Dynamic Load Management

Allocating a limited energy supply across multiple EV chargers on one site is challenging.

Our AI ensures your fleet charges optimally without going over site capacity limits – thereby avoiding high penalties and high costs of upgrades.

We unlock new revenue opportunities with grid capacity services

Timing your EVs’ charging can earn you money. During high power demand, the grid gets strained and will compensate users who avoid charging at these times.

Our AI can spot these moments, letting you sell some EV energy back, without compromising on your charging needs.

Getting started is quick & simple

Provide us with basic information about your tariff, access to your chargers’ API (we support common protocols like OCPP) and we’ll be up and running in days.

You get access to the Gridicity dashboard, where you can monitor your consumption and savings in real time.

We can also accommodate special requirements and develop custom integrations.

Gridicity’s AI benefits all stakeholders

EV fleets and charge point operators

Our customers stand to save massively on their energy bills.

Drivers and consumers

The savings can be passed on without compromising their experience. We make sure EVs are charged to the desired level at the desired time, and optimise around that.

Energy suppliers, grid operators and the environment

By smoothing consumption during the day, we help the grid utilise available renewable energy and lower carbon emissions.

Let’s find out how much you can save on your energy bills