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About Gridicity

Gridicity is pioneering the use of AI and optimisation techniques in the electric vehicle energy management software sector.

Our mission is to radically enhance the operational efficiency for energy market participants, and accelerate the transition to clean and sustainable transport and energy.


Alicia Blatiak, PhD


Gridicity founder Alicia Blatiak’s expertise stems from her rigorous academic background, notably her PhD focused on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology from Imperial College London and MPhil from University of Cambridge.

With a history rooted in research, particularly on the interplay of transportation and energy systems, and professional stints at organisations such as DNV GL and the International Renewable Energy Agency, Alicia and Gridicity aim to shape the future of EV charging solutions.


Gridicity is funded by Innovate UK and The Greenhouse Accelerator (a partnership between Imperial College’s Grantham Institute and the Royal Institution).