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Expert Advisory to Guide Your Fleet Electrification Journey

Are you seeking guidance on your organisation’s electrification journey? At Gridicity, we offer comprehensive advisory services tailored to support businesses, organisations, and communities in navigating the complexities of the EV transition.

“Working with Gridicity’s technical analysis has provided advanced insight into our charging hubs, providing us with the required evidence to ensure charging is optimised to its maximum potential.”  Smart Mobility Team, Scottish Power

Our team, led by Principal Consultant Dr Alicia Blatiak, possesses deep expertise in transportation and its interaction energy systems, grounded in multiple research publications, cutting-edge projects funded by Innovate UK through a competitive bidding process, leading to state of the art forecasting, optimisation, and AI techniques to support all aspects of transport electrification.

We offer a range of innovative advisory services, underpinned by a strong focus on customer relationships:

Charger Planning and Deployment

Grid Integration and Optimisation

What size grid connection do I need for my charging infrastructure?
We provide expert guidance on grid integration, ensuring your infrastructure is optimally sized and connected, minimising costs while maximising efficiency.

Utilisation Forecasting and Financial Modelling

How can I accurately forecast utilisation and develop robust financial projections?
Our forecasting and modelling services enable informed decision-making by providing projections of charging station usage and revenue streams.

Energy Cost Optimisation and Revenue Streams

How can I lower energy costs and explore potential revenue streams?
We offer strategies to optimise energy costs through intelligent charging management and explore potential revenue streams, such as dynamic pricing models and energy services.

At Gridicity, our advisory services ensure your EV infrastructure investments are future-proof, cost-effective, and aligned with your long-term goals.

Contact us today to accelerate your journey towards a sustainable, electric future with our industry-leading guidance.

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